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Laisvės al. 3, 90316 Rietavas,
Tel. (8 448) 73 200, Faks. (8 448) 73 222,
El. p. savivaldybe@rietavas.lt
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    About Rietavas

    Rietavas is a small town 50 km away from the Baltic sea. On March 19th, March 2000, Rietavas reinstated self-government. Five new neighborhoods were formed: Rietavas town, Rietavas, Daugėdai, Medingėnai, Tverai. Total area-58,6thousand ha ( 51%-forests, 37%-agricultural landed property, 1,53%-water).

    The town has a unique history. Rietavas was first mentioned in written sources in 1253. In 14th-15th century it was one of the main defensive centres in Žemaitija(Samogitia),important trade roads were crossing here. In 1792, Stanislovas Augustas, King of Poland and Lithuania, bestowed Rietavas the rights and coat of arms of Magdeburg. The dukes Oginskis established the main residence, took care ot the farm, social, urban and architectural reforms. Here, in 1892 the first telephone line  in Lithuania came into operation, connecting Rietavas with Plungė, Kretinga and Palanga.

    In 1892, the first electricity generation facility in Lithuania came into operation. Till now the first candelabra is kept in the St.Michael’s Archangel church. The church itself is a marvelous neo-Roman style structure, designed by an Italian architect. Everyone can admire valuable church art works.

    The Rietavas park is one of the most stately cultural history complexes in Lithuania. The mixed –style Rietavas manor park was established between 1848 and 1855 in a natural, deliberately thinned-out forest. You are welcome to visit the Oginskis cultural History Museum, established in the former music school. Its main activities are the preservation of the cultural heritage of the dukes Oginskis in Rietavas. In 2002 the mausoleum-chapel was renewed, the lion sculptures rebuilt on the Gates; and the old water tower still attracts your attention.

    Not far from Rietavas a small town Tverai , known from the 13th century ,invites everyone to visit this historical place. It is believed that Tverai used to be the capital of the Samogitian duke Vykintas and now still lies under the ground, waiting to be opened. As well as this, it is worth visiting the Lopaiciai hill-fort. From its top you can observe towers of eight churches. If you are tired, you can have a rest at Ruskes lake.

    An amasing Medingenai church of the Most Holy Trinity and other places of the municipality are waiting for you to visit.

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